Hossein Alizadeh's family expressed concern over their child's condition

AZOH: Although a few days passes after the arrest of Hossein Alizadeh one of the most known activists of Azerbaijan national movement, this activist's family despite frequent referring to the revolutionary court and intelligence office of Tabriz could not get any news about their son's condition.
According to SASM Hossein Alizadeh had not any contact with his family so far and no one knows the reason for his arrest. Published news about beating this Azerbaijani activist has caused grave concern by his family especially his mother.
This activist's family who have been discouraged from getting news about their son demanded human rights activists to try to clarify their son's condition and release him.
It should be explained that Hossein Alizadeh an Azerbaijani known activist on Tuesday 25 December 2013 has been arrested by the intelligent agents in his work place and moved to an unknown location. It is assumed his arrest is in connection with the anniversary of 12 December this year.
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