Javad Rajabzadeh an Azerbaijani activist entered into the fourth month of his detention

AZOH: On Monday 30th December 2013 Javad Rajabzadeh one of the activists of Azerbaijan National movement entered into the fourth month of his detention.
According to SASM, this Azerbaijani activist was arrested on Tuesday 1 October by security forces and moved to Tabriz central prison quarantine to spend his one year imprisonment.
Then on Saturday 5 October he was taken to the triple section and after a day, on Sunday he was moved to the twelve convicts section.
Javad rajabzadeh in the twelve convicts section of Tabriz central prison was confronted with severe restrictions, shortage of basic facilities and absence of any privacy and personal space and also unfavourable food situation.
Also it should be mentioned prisoners are often faced up to the lack of blankets and supply of them by prisoners' families is prohibited either.
It is noteworthy that security forces on Saturday 28 September had arrested Javad's father and after this event on Tuesday 1 October Javad Rajabzadeh was arrested while his introduction to the judicial authorities.
We pointed out that Javad Rajabzadeh previously had been arrested by security forces and after interrogation released on 20 million Toman bail from Tabriz central prison.
Also, five years ago he had been sentenced to one year imprisonment on charge of propaganda against the system.
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