Cyber police installed hidden cameras in Bokan's internet cafes

AZOH: During recent weeks owners of Bokan's internet cafes encountered with the pressure from Iranian intelligence service.
According to SASM security and plain clothes forces attempted to install hidden cameras in several internet cafes of Bokan without the consent of the owners.
It is reported that security forces asked the owners of the cafes, beside getting an identification card from users register their commuting time also.
Cyber police in the end of December 2011 by issuing an announcement, stated it was required offering individual specifications by users and then also the owners of internet cafes were also obligated to install cameras.
In Iran many websites are blocked by government institutions and even internet cafes in which the majority of its customers include youth doesn't have right to install filter crusher.
According to the words by internet cafes' owners these cameras and all users' commuting time are being controlled by security forces.
Also escalated control over internet is not limited only to the internet cafes and home internet is also under the police observation and the slightest infraction encounters with the officers' zero tolerance treatment.
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