Facebook announced:" Turkic language is fourth most widely used language on Facebook

AZOH: Facebook's statistic officials published a list of 10 most commonly used languages by the end of 2013.
According to SASM in the list of most widely used languages in the world on Facebook Turkish is seen in fourth place.
In the first to the third places respectively English, Spanish and French are seen.
This website also announced the number of each language users which the following results have been declared:
The number of English users: 213,237,080
The number of Spanish users: 61,209,600
The number of French users: 23,504,300
The number of Turkic users: 21,911,000
The number of Indonesian users: 20,481,260
The number of Italian users: 16,222,700
The number of German users: 11,265,320
The number of Chinese users: 9,645,140
The number of Portuguese users: 6,119,680
The number of Arabic users: 3,457,160
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