80percent of Urmia Lake water is dried up

AZOH: Naser Aq. faculty member of Urmia University and the founder of Artemia institute announced that 80% of the water of Urmia Lake is dried up.
According to SASM Naser Aq. said: "Urmia Lake will be completely dried up to two ot three years and there is no chance that the water is brought to the Lake."
The founder of Artemia institute added: "In fact that water which is remained of Urmia lake can't be called "the lake". We must say fromer lake, because only 15-20 per cent of the water is remained."
This lake is at the risk of the death and over the past 16 years has been reduced 8 meters.
Not long ago Hassan Rouhani Iran's current president announced to the media the formation of a special task force to save Urmia Lake. Rouhani had said: " If we can't do anything to save Urmia Lake millions of people living in that area have to leave their residence and any danger is not equal whit this."
Simultaneously with the process of Urmia Lake being dried in past years civil protests were formed in Iran and during this time dozens of civil, environmental and political activists were arrested due to objection to the situation of the lake.
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