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”South Azerbaijan Student Movement- SASM”
Southern Azerbaijan student movement is the first organization of Azerbaijani national contemporary movement which was convicted as a group and in charge of organizational activities.
Iran’s regime and its security forces’ intense fear of SASM and consequently widespread and violent security clashes with its members have caused many its unique properties and exclusivities haven’t be allowed to disseminate in general expression and various aspects of SASM’s influence over Azerbaijani national movement remain untold.
Prior to the extensive arrests of SASM’s members, Iran’s security forces captured and convicted Azerbaijani political activists, often individually and publicly also in charge of propaganda against the system.
But because of SASM’s organizational activities and Iran’s extreme concern of expanding the idea of organizational activities between Azerbaijani activists, eventually in the summer of 2008 together with having violent, aggressive and security treatment with SASM’s members within several months, it was witnessed the first open confrontation between Iran’s intelligence ministry and a political Azerbaijani organization, SASM.
9 persons were arrested in charge of SASM’s membership. They endured more than 3 months solitary confinement and ultimately it was issued the verdict of 18 years totally imprisonment for 6 of them in charge of establishing SASM organization and doing activities inside the group since the beginning of the spring 2006.
These events illustrated as well what extent SASM members’ coherent and organized campaign had provoked the anger and concern of Iran intelligence service.
SASM was and is a navigator and guider for Azerbaijani students while their transition period to achieve the membership of one of the Azerbaijani parties.
Besides the organizational activities and having a specific executive operational chart and other essentials for a party, SASM hasn’t been in attempt to interfere in the operational domain of Azerbaijani parties. SASM’s new member recruitment system is unlike other Azerbaijani political parties. It is focused and dedicated on students and its main purpose is training an organizational mastermind staff, analyst, courageous, acquainted and trained with struggle culture to be attracted by national movement.
SASM’s successes went forward so far that the prosecutor of East Azerbaijan at the time besides mentioning to all SASM’s activities wrote in his indictment: “SASM has recruited in many universities of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Gilan, Ardebil, Urmia, Hamedan, Tabriz, KHoy, maku, Naghadeh and Jolfa and it is becoming effectively the largest party in the North West of Iran.”
SASM’s efforts and successes of organizing the women’s branch of the student movement- Qadinci, revealing dozens of Iran’s confidential documents, widespread CDs and night letters distributing in different cities of Azerbaijan, organizing student gathering and much more cases could convert this unique organization into one of the most influential current of intellectual inside the national movement.
Following being the central committee of SASM arrested, it became clear Iranian intelligence forces had decided to arrest more than 30 Azerbaijani activists who were as a member inside the SASM or somehow related to SASM. But because of extensive and widespread protests by human rights organizations and issuing three declarations by Amnesty International to condemn arresting and long imprisonment detention for SASM’s members, Iran’s regime gave up arresting other members and activists.
For this reason SASM’s central committee decided to provide security for other members, reduce sensitivity of the security forces and until achieving the terms for re-open activities, made its news organ half-closed and published statements and news by a semi-active blog and other news agencies of national movement.
Ultimately due to the sensitive situation of region, urgent need for rapid and accurate media and at the same time further attempts to theorize the national campaign and despite the abundant risks for civil activists in Iran, the news organ related to South Azerbaijan Student Movement-SASM began its official activity since 3th March 2011, once again.
Fortunately despite SASM’s fairly long absence from the domain of activity in virtual world, maintaining an appropriate relation with the audience, led to which SASM’s news agency could become the most popular and viewed website of Azerbaijan national movement during very little time.
It should me mentioned, due to several effort by cyber forces of Iran’s intelligence service to disrupt the functionality and efficiency of SASM’s website and also creating homonymous and similar websites to damage the reputation of this organization(SASM), it is emphasized only four indicated addresses below reflect officially views and opinions of SASM.
Togetherness is power….
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