Abdolaziz Azimiqadim was released from Tabriz central prison

AZOH: Abdolaziz Azimiqadim who was spending his term of imprisonment in Tabriz central prison from Wednesday 18 September 2013, by the completion of his imprisonment period was released on Thursday 30th January 2014. This Azerbaijani activist was arrested last winter due to protesting against Iran’s foreign policy based on its selfless support for Armenia’s occupiers.
On Wednesday 29th January 2014 Abdolaziz Azimiqadim a Southern Azerbaijani activist after completing his detention was released from Tabriz central prison.
On Wednesday 18 Septmber 2013, Abdolaziz Azimiqadim was transferred to Tabriz central prison to spend his imprisonment sentence. At 18:00 the same day he had confirmed his move to Tabriz central prison by a telephone call to his family. A group of Azerbaijani activists also met Abdolaziz Azimiqadim before sending him to the prison.
It should be noted that on Monday 1 July 2013 hearing for Abdolaziz Azimiqadim’s chargs held on in the special clerical court of Tabriz and he was sentenced to 7 months and 1 day charged with propaganda against the system and participating in illegal gatherings. This Azerbaijani activist was previously arrested and imprisoned due to civil activities to gain national rights for Azerbaijani Turks.
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