Execution of five offenders in the central prison of Urmia

AZOH: On the morning of 31th January 2014 the death penalty of five convicts charged with murder was carried out in Urmia central prison.
According to SASM during the last day 6 convicted to death were taken to condemned cell of quarantine part of Urmia central prison for execution and current morning the sentence of five of them was implemented by gallows.
Karam Rasayi, Javad Qasemzadeh, Hamid Eslamsokan, Rashid Keramat, Khezer Ahoos are the names of five criminals accused of murder whom were convicted in the court to be executed charged with murder and the death penalty was carried out on the morning of 31th January 2014.
According to received reports to SASM: “Hamid Eslamsokan yesterday 30th January during transmission to solitary confinement, was informed of execution and resisted the agents. That’s why he was severely beaten by officers and then taken to condemned cell.”
Also Serajaddin Resayi who had gone along with his brother backed to his cell alone due to the consent of the plaintiff.
Following the requests by two UN special rapporteurs to stop execution, Ahmad Shahid the special rapporteur on human rights in Iran and Christoph Hinz the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, the wave of executions has begun in Iran.
Mr Larijani on Wednesday 29th January 2014 at a meeting of supreme judicial authorities in Iran by re-defending the death penalty said: “This punishment exists in the laws of many countries including America but they are not faced with such these pressures from human rights claimants.”
According to an annual report, in 2013 585 criminals in Iran were executed which 52 percent of executions were related to the drug offenses.
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