Harsh reaction of Iran’s press against teaching native languages at schools

AZOH: “Iran” and “Qanun” newspapers reacted to recent remarks by Iranian authorities on teaching of ethnic languages at schools.
According to SASM “Iran” press as a state gazette in Iran in an article entitled “ Mosaddeq and teaching local languages in Iran” written by Salar Seyfaddini, by expressing historical issues tries to state a point that teaching ethnic languages causes to disunity and create a gap between Iranian people.
The author at the end of the note has seemingly agreed with Hassan Rouhni’s speech but has addressed the languages off nations living in Iran as local languages.
It is said that the purpose of stating “local language” is to limit the language more and more and not let them to develop.
“Qanun” press in a note entitled “Mother tongue from the perspective of international law” written by Tirdad Bankdar mentioned to the rights of mother tongues in international conventions.
This newspaper which is one of Hassan Rouhani’s supporters, has considered Iran’s constitution is in clear contradiction with international treaties.
He was completed his post: “Demanding “Education in mother tongue” which means the closure of national, official, universal and Iranian ancient language that is Persian language because of undeniable damage to integrity of national and territorial of country, can’t be posed and accepted at all."
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