Development part of United Nations:”We paid 2 million Dollar for Iran to save Urmia Lake, but no result

AZOH: The main programme of United Nations Development part in Iran during New Year is to save Urmia Lake.
Deputy of UNDP resident representative in Iran said: “UN has put the projects to protect Urmia and Shadegan lakes in Iran on its agenda and is willing to do this plan in cooperation with the environmental protection agency.”
Manyam Murali added: “UN has invested 2 billion dollar in two phases so far to implement these grand projects to protect water resources in Iran.”
KHodakaram Jalali head of Iran’s Forest, rangeland and watershed organization said: “With the implementation of these comprehensive and prospective projects, the bitter experience of Zayandherood drying up and risks of Urmia Lake will not be repeated.”
Manyam Murali Deputy of resident representative of UNDP in Iran referred Garmsar public participation was the most important factor for successful implementation of sustainable management of soil and water resources plans in Hablehrood watershed and said: “This successful experience can be transferred to other projects including save Urmia Lake.”
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